ViOffice workstation ergonomics training

ViOffice: Office Workstation Ergonomics Training

Online Ergonomics Training
Viva Health at Work offer online training in office workstation ergonomics. Contact us for more details and pricing.

What Is It?

ViOffice is an office workstation ergonomics training module using immersive, interactive online gaming technology.

The main character, Jessie, is a hard-working finance assistant. However, with poor workstation set up, the harder Jessie works the more she is unhappy, sore, slouched, and visibly fatigued. Everything is wrong about her workstation ergonomics! Participants interactively learn the fundamentals of sound workstation set-up and have the opportunity to arrange Jessie’s office workstation equipment so that her work postures and movements improve, her symptoms resolve, and she is a happier, productive worker! Make a wrong move and watch Jessie’s agitation grow...

This is a perfect, short, snappy, fun and interactive learning media that organisations may introduce to their employees to meet safety training obligations for new hire and annual screening. Managers receive real-time reporting to know which worker has engaged with the training, whether they learned anything new, made any changes to their own workstation, and their levels of satisfaction with the module. If worker discomfort symptoms are unresolved the business can make a decision for referral for customised expert assessment from a health or safety professional of their choice.

Why Use It?

  • To educate workers in independent workstation adjustment.
  • To promote productivity.
  • To mitigate sprain, strain, or discomfort.
  • To support office fitouts with best practice training delivery.
  • Cost savings with the flexibility of online systems for training and screening consultation.
  • To fulfil annual compliance requirements with efficient models of training – the material should take users under 15 minutes, including reading and reference material.
  • Training with immersive gaming technology is an efficient and effective training model.

ViOffice differs from other workstation ergonomics courses on the market. In under 15 minutes users are immersed, interact with, and may complete high level workstation education - anywhere, anytime. Management receive real-time reporting. We provide managers with an additional reference tool to outline relevant standards, research findings, and best practice guidelines. Individual workers, also, benefit from extra resource “tips” relevant to different features associated with customised workstation set-up. Annual compliance based training made easy with quality and interest for users to achieve optimum training engagement. Annual training – made FUN. Support to design teams – with STYLE. Learning and development – with ENGAGEMENT.

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ViOffice Program Options

ViOffice Program Delivery Option A Option B Option C
Online interactive case study Yes   Yes
Discomfort screening: online individual and aggregate report Yes   Yes
Extra online licenses for new hire recruits - nominated number Yes    
Face-to-face early intervention screening Yes Yes  
Quick tips for newsletters Yes   Yes
Biomechanics and your workstation - user information Yes    
Detailed summary of practice guidelines and evidence findings Yes Yes  
Summary report of on-site findings Yes Yes  

Option A: Full package
Option B: On-site visit only
Option C: Online case study interactive and discomfort screen only

Additionally" Customised, interactive, team train-the-trainer sessions can be provided.

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