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Good Work Design, or human-centric design, are tasks (including equipment, tools, supplies, environment, and work methods) that have been design, or redesigned, for inclusive, productive, safe, and rewarding performance. Participatory Ergonomics and Human-Centred Design strategies have been engaged to fulfill the tenets of good work design in our case library examples.

Vi Design Case Studies

Good Work Design

tasks (including the equipment, tools, supplies, environment, and methods) that that have been designed, or redesigned, for inclusive, productive, efficient, safe, and rewarding performance, through which the work participants’ express satisfaction and commitment, and the solicitation of ideas remains open to ongoing input for continual improvement. Ideally, good work design occurs throughout the supply chain and design improvements are clearly celebrated. The term “good work design” may be considered synonymous with “good work (re)design”. It advances Total Worker Health® and is underpinned by the tenets of human-centred design and participative ergonomics.

Human-Centred Design

Design to organise equipment, technology, and work practice centric to the goals, tasks, capabilities, and needs, of operators and maintainers. This approach is recognised to enhance user ability to interact with equipment, process information, make decisions, be productive, maintain situation awareness, and increases user acceptance (Endsley & Jones, 2012; and Horberry et al, 2011).

Participative Ergonomics

A practice that actively engages end-users as participants in task analysis, hazard identification, risk determination, and control development (Burgess-Limerick, 2011). In this way, valid and contextualised analysis of work is evidential and provides meaningful rationale for intervention.

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