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Office Ergonomics - Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Office ergonomics focuses on how things are set up in your office workspace such as your sitting position, workstation setup and how often you change position. Office ergonomics can directly affect your comfort at work and lower stress and injury.

Viva Health at Work provide on on-site service with our ergonomics consultants visiting your sites in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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To book your office ergonomics consultation please call 0421 824 644 or send us an enquiry from our website.

Office Workstation Assessments

office workstation ergonomics assessments

For work at a computer workstation: identify human performance needs and task demands and set up the workstation to optimise work activity and minimise aches, pain, niggles, headaches or strain. We provide 1:1 assessment, group training, early intervention, workplace group screening and training.

Online Workstation Training

online workstation training

We provide a fun and interactive learning media that organisations may introduce to their employees to meet safety training obligations for new hire and annual screening. Managers receive real-time reporting to know which worker has engaged with the training, whether they learned anything new, made any changes to their own workstation, and their levels of satisfaction with the module.

Office Design Advice

office fit-outs and design advice

We identify human performance needs and task demands and provide advice for fit outs and design. We highly recommend involving a Certified Professional Ergonomist early in team design considerations as opposed to post-occupancy review for the best possible outcomes. Our level of involvement may include advice for workstation equipment and furnishings procurement or parameters for design consideration, lighting, ventilation, workflow practice, and training. New Release: We offer value-added on-line, interactive, animated gaming training for workstation set-up to help address a majority of needs for workers at new hire, to accompany a fit-out, or for early workplace screening and compliance.

Green Star Ergonomics

green star ergonomics

The Green Star Ergonomics Credit for Office Interiors is designed to recognise the provision of equipment and spaces that provide optimum levels of comfort to users and that avoid stress and injury. Fit-outs and projects may be awarded this credit when they take ergonomics and comfort into consideration when designing or selecting furniture and other items.

Low Impact Physical Activity

low impact physical activity

Australian employees average four health risk factors per person. Office Workers have been identified as one of the most sedentary occupational groups and this represents over 12% of the general workforce.

Under guidance of a Certified Professional Ergonomist, our consultant trainers provide design and work method advice to optimise activity at work. We can set up workplace design studies with bio-feedback systems with tri-axial accelerometers and metabolic rate measures to help your workforce directly learn and feel the benefits of low-impact physical activity at work.

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