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Workplace and Office Workstation Assessments

Viva! Health At Work, through our ViWork programs in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast provides Workplace Assessments, Office Workstation Assessments and Training for your office workplace.

Our team is led by a Certified Professional Ergonomist, and our trainers are qualified health care professionals, and certified (TAE 40110) workplace assessors and trainers. For design firms, business and industry looking to achieve Green Star Credit for Office Interiors, our Certified Professional Ergonomist(s) help integrate participatory ergonomics, risk based task assessment, and human factors engineering design considerations to optimise the productivity, functionality and health of the worker in their workplace. We work with builders, architects, designers, engineers, project managers, operations, and safety managers to facilitate new build and refurbishment, or simply upgrade capital equipment.

The ViWork Workplace and Office Workstation Assessment focuses on 5 Comforts:

5 Comforts:
  • Lovely Legs: options for alternating leg position for optimum circulation.
  • Back & Bum: seat set up and design to optimise neutral seating positions that can accommodate variation and optimise spinal health.
  • Eyes Bright: vision and hearing: our sensory systems require nourishing and supportive environments to assure optimum energy, management of fatigue, improved concentration, and mitigation of headaches or other health complications.
  • Within our Reach: needs for input devices and accessories will vary among users and we can advise on different systems to suit individuals.
  • Get Moving: Integration of Low-Impact Physical Activity (LIPA) in work flow design: an essential workforce strategy to optimise work performance and combat the ill-effects of sedentary activity.

We can provide 1:1 workplace assessment for early intervention, small group and whole-of-office workplace screening, and customized, contextualized training to workers. Watch this space for our new on-line interactive gaming technology training system – ViWork: Office – Coming Soon!

To book your Office Workstation Assessments in Brisbane please call 0421 824 644 or send us an enquiry from our website.

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