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Design work in which you thrive

ViVA health at work are human-centred design strategists, facilitators, educators/trainers, and research partners. We problem-solve work, environment, and product design challenges by considering the human element. We study what people do, how and why they do it. We help businesses develop work design literacy, capability, and capacityViVA health at work was established in 2005 as a consultancy to bring a scientific, results-driven approach to solve real-world problems. We innovate to advance work, product, systems, and environmental design. The ViVA team includes advisors in health & work with qualifications in ergonomics, human factors, engineering, physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy, exercise science, business & change management, leadership & coaching, work health law, safety, and health & wellbeing. This specialised service was founded by Dr. Sara Pazell, the principal strategist and managing director.

Good design leads to great performance. We ask: Are jobs meaningful, the workload manageable, and the work system reliable and understood? Is work productive and healthful? Do products make sense and are they easy to use? Can work systems and products accommodate people with different needs? Do people thrive in their environments?

ViVA health at work are visionary architects of business solutions. We help organisations develop good work design literacy, capability, and capacity.