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Design work in which you thrive

ViVA health at work helps businesses design good work. We employ human-centred approaches to understand the nature of the work, the goals of the system, the environment, and the needs of the people. We  analyse human tasks, jobs, equipment, and tools. Our methods are grounded in human factors, ergonomics, and system resilience. As such, we analyse the design of work and its impact on health. We facilitate the re-design of work to improve health outcomes. Through our services, businesses develop work design literacy, capability, and capacity. 

We believe that good design can lead to great performance. Good ergonomics means great economics.

Human-centred design considers people at the centre of a work strategy. The health, happiness, and engagement of workers is vital to productivity. How will the people thrive under certain conditions? 

We ask: Are jobs designed so that they are meaningful, the workload manageable, and the work system reliable and predictable? Will machinery and mobile plant be operated productively? Will the environment be conducive to high-concentration tasks when it is needed? Can it accommodate people with different sensory types (how much or how little noise and distractions, touch, or visual stimuli they want and need, for example)? Are jobs agile and flexible? Is a work-from-anywhere strategy effective? Do people feel safe at work? Are jobs health conditioning so that people achieve greater health when working? Can people socialise, learn, and develop through positive relationships that are established at work?  Is the work designed with diversity in mind so that people of varying size, shapes, literacy, sex, and culture can participate? Do the activities harmonise with the natural world?

ViVA health at work helps businesses design good work. We help organisations develop good work design literacy, capability, and capacity.

Dr Sara Pazell at work

About us

ViVA health at work was established in 2005 as a consultancy agency that brings a scientific, results-driven approach to solve real-world problems. We provide innovative solutions to advance work, product, and systems design. This specialised service was founded by Dr. Sara Pazell, the principal work design strategist and managing director. Sara studied her PhD in human-centred, good work design at the University of Queensland. She brings industry experience and academic rigour in areas of  human factors and ergonomics, business management, and leadership. She attained her MBA in the USA while managing health care organisations. Her first degree and clinical work was in Occupational Therapy. “This provided a wonderful synergy”, Sara says, “In occupational therapy, we talk about the nexus of person-environment-occupation- (and) performance, and we expand that with systems thinking and resilience engineering in human- centred, good work design.” Also, “Occupational therapy philosophies advance the ideas that health is optimised through engagement in meaningful activites. Now, my work has evolved with systems-level design to enable that to happen for populations of workers.”

Sara learned about the idea of environmental design that shapes the world when her colleague described her husband’s work in behavioural architecture. “I learned that people (men or women, for example) may behave differently in the built environment. They may access a structure in unique ways and the choices that they make can be shaped by design. I was hooked! I am a life-long student of health and design sciences to help me link my empathy for human nature to my fascination with performance and design strategy.” Sara couples these interests with her devotion to and teaching in yoga, strength & conditioning, and general fitness. Life is always full of these interests, family, pets, and friends. A good life by design!

Sara researches and teaches through her affiliation with several Australian universities. She is an international and national advisor in design and wellness. These aspects support her provision of high-level consultancy services. The ViVA team includes advisors in health & work who have experience and qualifications in ergonomics, human factors, engineering, physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy, exercise science, business management, leadership & coaching, safety, and health & wellbeing. Services are offered across Australia, with remote or associate provision regionally (New Zealand and South East Asia) and globally.