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Maximise vitality in your workplace

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Position Papers

The Ergonomics of Sitting
and Chair Selection
Work From Anywhere
Manual Task
Risk Management
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Design for
Workplace Diversity


Capability Statement
Company Webinars
Workstation Practitioner Certification
Workstation Ergonomics Services
Hazardous Manual Task Training
Job Analysis
Extended Reality & Human Systems Integration

Maximise vitality in your workplace

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Ergonomics Books

Ergonomic Insights

Successes and Failures of Work Design

This book provides a great collection of work design testimonies with transferable lessons across many industry sectors and domains. It discusses physiological and cognitive parameters, teamwork, social aspects, organizational, and broader factors that influence work design initiatives. It is important to learn from practitioner stories and real-world conditions that affect the theoretical applications of work design. Readers will benefit from understanding the struggles and successes of the authors. The chapters cover a wide spectrum of human factors and user needs, including decision making in (ab)normal and safety-critical situations, physical ergonomics, design-in-use modifications, and tailored training. The text examines holistic approaches that lead to improved work methods, worker engagement, and effective system-wide interventions. Ergonomic Insights: Successes and Failures of Work Design is primarily written for professionals and graduate students in the fields of ergonomics, human factors, and occupational health and safety. Educators will also benefit from using these case studies in class lessons. 20% Discount Available – enter the code EFL01 at checkout*

* Please note that this discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount and only applies to books purchased directly via www.routledge.com. Thiscode expires on 30 June 2023.

WhyWork Podcast

Salacious tales with serious implications

The WhyWork Podcast is an organisational strategy session and legal dissection of workplace events that are laced with humour. Your bloggers, Alan, Trajce, and Sara, explore the contemporary and uncomfortable realities of work and the boundaries that are tested. Alan and Trajce dismantle case law and Sara pushes all to consider how to redesign the world of work so that people thrive. Good stories are told. The WhyWork team throws shade on some of the stories and the people involved as they consider defensible and remarkable work design strategy. When you listen to the WhyWork Podcast, you realise that no skeleton in the workplace closet is too sacred to unearth. It’s like listening to the water cooler gossip but then shit gets real, and it all becomes serious – fast. This is a must-listen for executive and emerging managers, work design strategists, human factors specialists and ergonomists, work health safety and law specialists, organisational scientists, occupational health academics, and anyone humoured by office and workplace antics! Get ready to exclaim, “She said WHAT…?” and “He DIDN’T! OMG!”. Laugh along with us while you learn lots.