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Workplace Wellness


Boost employee health, wellness, and engagement through collaboration, co-design, education, and custom wellbeing services. 

The ViWell services:

Wellness services contribute to the message that, “we care”. Wellness that is embedded in work systems provides an authentic and meaningful contribution to employee health. ViWell offers an integrated organisational approach to wellness.

  • Align wellness programming with general business strategy
  • Co-design for health & wellness programming 
  • Advancing a continuum of social-cohesion, health, wellness, and well-being and identify environmental design needs
  • Designing work that is meaningful, coherent, and manageable 
  • Design for diversity to enact the vision of inclusive work 
  • Personal health and resilience for metabolic health conditioning
  • Fostering resilience  and improve relations through work system design
  • Combat the ill-health effects of sedentary work through active work 

Remote work can be supported by ViDesign health education for worker wellbeing.

ViDesign provides customer health workshops and hands-on interventions to help workers learn self-management strategies for their health and wellbeing.

We believe that workplace wellness is connected to well-being and “wholeness”, or how inspired you are in your working life. Wellness discovery includes:

  • Job, task, and work system analysis: integrated analysis of human, cognitive, psychosocial, and physical factors
  • Organisational strategy review: for example, the integration of wellness with health & safety, rehabilitation, employee engagement, workforce strategy, continuous improvement, operations,  facilities management, and project coordination
  • Review, analysis, and co-design of wellness programming management and content
  • Health & wellbeing surveys
  • Analysis of neurological sensory profiles of individuals or work teams to inform design practices
  • Work climate survey administration

The fundamentals of good work design should be integrated in wellness programming. Wellness in work design involves creating meaningful work to energise people while inspiring their personal health journeys.

  • Job and work re/design to support work performance, including programming support
  • Design for diversity strategies that help businesses enact their inclusivity policies, including neuro-diversity to enhance performance (reduce anxiety at work and promote relaxation)
  • Design ideation, concepts, and strategies for wellness programming that is integrated with whole-of-business strategies 
  • Establish environmental design principles to support well-being
  • Design of relaxation and rejuvenation strategies: environmental or virtual experiences, in partnership with design and technology teams

Realising wellness at work involves onoing training, celebration, support, and programming. It can include:

  • Facilitate learning or innovation teams
  • Partnering with technology providers for immersive experiences to reduce anxiety in high-risk environments or to allow for rejuvenation
  • ViLearn education or webinars, such as office ergonomics, or speciality topics such as sensory profiles and design for neurodiversity, positive thinking, relaxation strategies, breath work, resilience, mindfulness, good nutrition, hydration. Also, sedentary behaviour and low-impact physical activity, upper quadrant (upper limb) self-management strategies (“Straighten up to Power Up”), relaxation training, mindfulness training, or similar
  • Mind-body services: yoga, relaxation, meditation, flexibility, Pilates, mindfulness, general fitness, and on-site soft tissue management services

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