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Ergonomics Training

The CAPACITY to learn is a gift, the ABILITY to learn is a skill, the MOTIVATION to learn as a choice.

Shared problem-solving is the cornerstone of adult learning and learning through design projects is fun.

The ViLearn services:

  • Learning team facilitation to facilitate a better understanding about the design of work
  • Online interactive and face to face courses, webinars, and certification programs in human factors & ergonomics, health, and wellbeing.
  • ViOffice Workstation Practitioner Training
  • Jessie, ViOffice animated, interactive workstation case study
  • ViWork Design Champion Training
  • Training needs analysis, including in safety-critical environments
  • Customised development of competency training and education material, including interactive extended reality media
  • We are continually adding to these resources, so check this space regularly or sign up to our newsletter ViBE to learn about these updates.

ViDesign can determine the human factors that support learning and instructional design.

ViDesign provides online education with an interactive animated case study on office workstation setup so that you can learn to work from anywhere, in comfort, productively.

Discovery is critical to knowing how to deliver on-target training and education that is memorable and userful. It might mean that:

  • We analyse the human factors requirements of students or workers to inform curriculum design that optimises learning and performance (for workplace training through to graduate education).
  • We can review work systems and job design to analyse the best possible methods to integrate new technology into learning systems, such as immersive  experiences
  • ViVA can examine training needs to plan for the level of support needed to build work-design knowledge, capacity, and capability

The design of quality training and education aids retention and utility (can you remember what you were taught and can you apply it in a meaningful way?).

  • We determine, with working groups, teaching and assessment needs to enhance learning and training and design the strategies 
  • We facilitate learning and innovation teams
  • We work with technology partners to deliver new immersive experiences to enhance knowledge and performance

The realisation of  learning in good work design includes certification, ongoing education, and verification of the applications. The learning modules can include:

  • ViOffice Workstation Practitioner Foundation Level 1 Certification training 
  • ViOffice Workstation Practitioner Level 2 Certification training
  • ViWork Design Champion certification training
  • ViOffice Jessie Case Study: an interactive office case study experience
  • Post-occupancy  fit-out training about office ergonomics for workers
  • ViLearn education series: topics like office ergonomics,  sensory profiles and design for neurodiversity, fatigue management, or good nutrition. Also, sedentary behaviour and low-impact physical activity, upper quadrant (upper limb) self-management strategies (“Straighten up to Power Up”), relaxation training, mindfulness training, or similar
  • Facilitate learning or innovation teams
  • Participatory ergonomics training and team development
  • Manual task risk management training workshops
  • ViToolbox Talks about manual task risk management, hydration, postural reversal strategies, ergonomics and glove wear, or similar
  • Mind-body services: yoga, relaxation, meditation, flexibility, Pilates, mindfulness, general fitness, and on-site soft tissue management services

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