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Dr Lidiane Narimoto

BPT, B.Mgmt, M.Sc, PhD, C-OWP
Occupational Advisor: Health & Work
Work Design Strategist / Ergonomist
Dr. Lidiane Narimoto is an accomplished Occupational Health Advisor She holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Production Engineering, focusing on ergonomics, a Masters of Science in Production Engineering, and a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy and in Management. Lidiane is also a Certified Office Workstation Practitioner (C-OWP L1). Her deep academic insight allows her to approach workplace challenges with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles of good work design.

In her role as an Occupational Advisor, Lidiane leverages her extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to enhance the health and work quality of organizations. Her problem-solving skills and deep understanding of Human Factors and Ergonomics make her an indispensable resource for businesses looking to improve their workplace standards.