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Suzanne Johnson

BAppSc.O.T., MErg, CPE
Snr. Occupational Advisor: Health & Work
Work Design Strategist, Ergonomist
Suzanne is an esteemed Occupational Advisor with over three decades of experience in the field of ergonomics. As a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), Suzanne holds a Master’s in Ergonomics (MErg) and a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (BAppSc.O.T), which provides her with a unique perspective on optimizing the work environment for human well-being. Her specialization lies in ergonomics and the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, a critical area for ensuring the well-being of employees in various industries.

Her expertise and dedication to promoting workplace health and safety have made her a trusted professional in her domain. Suzanne is renowned for her ability to provide expert opinions and advice on workplace hazardous manual tasks matters. Her experience includes industry applications in heavy industry (mining, construction, road transportation, aviation, and manufacturing). Her insights and recommendations play a pivotal role in mitigating risks and preventing workplace injuries, ultimately contributing to a safer and more efficient work environment.