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Domino Risch

B. Env. Des (Interior Design)
Strategic Initiatives: Transformative Work Design
Domino Risch is a workplace futurist, strategist, and designer. Domino has amassed over two decades of experience, leading organisations through complex cultural change processes aligned with property solutions. Domino has a unique ability to leverage leading research, empirical evidence, and human-centered design to shape organisational strategies and physical environments and meet user needs.
Domino is committed to creating inclusive and empowering workspaces, catering to the diverse needs of individuals. One of her specialities includes design for neurodiversity. Her highly sought-after expertise redefines how, why, and where work happens – the distribution and organisation of work. Domino’s innovative approach and dedication to driving positive change supports ViVA health at work’s clients so that they receive tailored solutions to foster employee well-being and organisational success.