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Dr Sara Pazell

Managing Director
Principal Work Design Strategist
Sara studied her PhD in human-centred, good work design at the University of Queensland, and her MBA in the USA while managing health care organisations. Her early education and work were in Occupational Therapy. Sara learned about the idea of design shaping the world when her colleague described her husband’s work in behavioural architecture. “I learned that people may behave differently in the built environment. They may access a structure in unique ways and their choices can be shaped by design. I was hooked! I am a life-long student of health sciences and design to link my empathy for human nature to performance.” Sara couples these interests with her devotion to and teaching of yoga, strength & conditioning, and general fitness. Life is always full of these interests, family, pets, and friends. A good life by design!.

Sara researches and teaches through her affiliation with several Australian universities. She is an international advisor in design and wellness and a rabble rouser in the WhyWork Podcast.