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Simon Knowles

Occupational Advisor: Work Design
Simon has built his career in the transport industry, working within his family owned and operated business. Alongside his brother, Timothy, Simon specialized in the transportation and delivery of bitumen. Together, the brothers have been recognized and awarded for developing and implementing many safety initiatives responsible for revolutionizing their field, including: • Body down system : ensured a driver couldn’t drive over 10kph with the tipper body in the raised position. • Nobody in the body : involved vibrators to ensure tipper body was empty at the end of the load. • Bitumen heating transit system : using a generator to power heaters in the bitumen barrel to retain heat, saving heating time. • Safety helmet and remote control pump system : to ensure driver remained free of potential hazardous area.

In 2020, Simon sold his business, choosing to continue as a consultant in the transport and safety industry. Simon’s passion for safety in the workplace and his ability to converse with a diverse group of people, articulate their daily struggles and develop creative solutions is a great asset within the ViVA health at work team. In developing a safer workplace for his employees, Simon has developed a unique skillset in managing and understanding governing bodies, Australian standards, regulations, legislation and codes of practice. His input into ViVA health at work project ensures we reach successful outcomes for our clients in a cost effect and time sensitive manner.