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ViBODY: Removal of Asphalt Paver Tyre

  • Removal of Asphalt Paver tyres are conducted up to 4 times per month, as per preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Task requires two persons to manoeuver the tyre (approx. 200kg w/o water and 400kg w/ water) to allow the forklift to lift and transport the tyre.
  • Removal: 45min to 60min per tyre.
  • Working with restricted access within the wheel arch & access to the hub of the tyre.
Health Issues and Initial Assessment:
  • Awkward postures in the back, neck when kneeling.
  • High force required when lifting/manoeuvring tyre and using hand tools.
  • Repetitive use of hand tools while in sustained static postures.
  • Exposure to low levels of hand-arm vibration with use of rattle gun.
  • Risk of crushing injury and sudden forces from tyre imbalance during manoeuvres.
  • High acute risk to the back, arms, and hands, and moderate risk of cumulative injury.
  • Manual Task Risk Assessment per ErgoAnalyst
Control Strategies: RollRunner Trolley
  • Implemented the use of a manual wheel remover: Levanta with clamp on top of tyre and narrow wheel base.
  • Knee pads were also procured for use by workers on hard flooring.
  • Training was provided for new work procedures and safe work methods with new equipment.
Cost Benefit, Payback and Project Times
  • Eliminated the need for forklift and operator.
  • Eliminated the need to release the tyre from the paver to another work area.
  • Reduced the labour required from 3 staff to 2; billable at $95/hr up to 4 times per month, approx. $380/mo.
Analysis After Implementation:
  • Removed the risk of imbalanced loads and reduced overall exposure to manual handling.
  • Overall reduction resulted in low risk for both acute and cumulative risk.
  • Manual Task Risk Assessment per ErgoAnalyst

WE ACHIEVED: Risk reduction of Fatality, Severe Disability, Moderate Disability, Temporary Injury, Discomfort, and achieved Comfort/Efficiency, Conditioning, Social Connection, Profitability, Business Integration and Industry Liaison.

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