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ViVA health at work designs for the human element

Case Studies

Our ViDesign gallery showcases the before-and-after examples of quality system, work, task, service, product, or environmental design achieved through  human-centred, co-design practices.gall

ViLEARN: Undergraduate Curriculum Design

Co-teaching a university second-year undergraduate occupational therapy (OT) course led to the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of teaching and learning methods. This was an interesting course in which OT students could learn about

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ViWORK: Bitumen Heat-In Transit Trailer Design

The Electric Heat-In-Transit Tanker (bitumen trailer) revolutionised the design of bituminous tankers. The new tanker improves efficiency in transit, reduces risk for exposure to hot bituminous product and potentially explosive stored product, improves access for

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Case studies

ViBODY: Laying BiTac Tape

Before BiTac multi-laminate tape is used across structural joins in the asphalt mat, laid over many kilometres (e.g. Cooroy/Bielby project required 64km of tape). Each 36m long roll weighs 11.5kg (note: 64km = 1700+ rolls).

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ViBODY: Bus Seat Installation

Project: Manual handling during installation of the ISRI 6860 bus seat Installation of a newly procured driver seat ISRI 6860 into new and refurbished buses. Installation requires two people to lift the bus seat onto

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ViOFFICE: Home Office Ergonomics

Discovery A team leader from central support services of a government organisation was required to work from home in response to an organisational approach to protect workers per pandemic management procedures. Aside from these protections,

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ViOFFICE: Office Lighting

Discovery An administrative worker complained of left shoulder/upper back/neck strain, headaches, migraines, nausea, and corresponding tightness in her right hip. The worker was right-hand dominant.She was observed to lean to the left, over-reach, and elevate

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ViWELL: Sleep and Fatigue seminar

Discovery A client recognised general issues among their team concerning sleep and fatigue. It was decided that an online seminar would assist the team to learn strategies about workplace design and healthier personal habits to

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ViWELL: Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Discovery Gym members repeatedly reported their complaints of stiffness and tightness in the upper back, shoulders, and neck. They voiced their concerns about tension headaches and generalised fatigue, while being time-poor to attend their preferred

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ViWELL: Wellness Project in Construction

Discovery A construction company, comprised of mostly male workers, wanted to address the health behaviours of their workforce. Meetings were held with crew and team leaders to determine their most pressing health needs. The project

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ViOFFICE: Pre and post occupancy fit out

Discovery A government organisation required assistance for pre- and post-occupancy fit-out through their design teams. ViVA health at work partnered with project management and interior design teams to provide the specialised office workstation ergonomics advisory

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