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CIEHF webinar on Good Work Design

Hosted by Tina Worthy
Guests Dr Elise Crawford and Dr Sara Pazell

In this webinar, we explore how to employ the discipline of design to create good work.

Good Work occurs by design – a systematic approach to enquire, engage and connect with people to understand what they do, how they do it, what resources are needed, and in which environments, with whom, and how it could be done better. Good Work Design co-creates a better experience of work: one that’s safer, more secure, uplifting and enjoyable.

We examine the discipline of design (the applications of service design with user experience) when considering the strategies employed at work. This is a presentation on HOW TO design good work, not just WHY.

  • Weuncover some strategies involved during design discovery: learn about 5 techniques that draw from scientific and empirical evidence.
  • We share examples of what can evolve during iterative work design including elaborated examples of design practice, illustrated with case studies.
  • We describe how work design can be realised, with examples.
  • We discuss the importance of curating the discipline of design thinking and cultivating important design relationships to advance whole-of-organisation strategies.

For those who love the vernacular and the industry jargon…

  • Good work design is where human systems integration meets lifecycle ergonomics.
  • This is where safety critical work is extended to meet a salutogenic framework.
  • This is perfect for high-reliability organisations that appreciate the varieties of work in service design.

Let’s explore!

About the presenters

  • Dr Elise Crawford is a Senior Lecturer at CQUniversity who specialises in professional practice in human factors and the safety sciences.
  • Dr Sara Pazell is the principal work design strategist of a human-centred design consultancy in Australia.