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From relationships to robots: The value & vitality of human factors in design in a changing world of work

~ HFESA 2023 National Conference, Adelaide, SA

Missed the conference? Follow the link to hear a presentation by Sara Pazell, PhD, CPE in honour of the Ron Cummings Memorial Lecture Award 2023. If you wish to learn more about the stewardship of design at work, the idea as work as a design medium, three pillars of work design, and the appreciation of the evolution and ecology of people at work, click on the link to view this presentation (and, yes, I will ask HFESA Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia about adding video captions). <40 min seminar. I hope to generate discussion and share ideas and add to the intellectual capital on the topic of good work design. This is a celebration of human factors in work design. Thank you to the HFESA Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia conference committee and community and thank you to my teachers and educators at all levels, in many diverse domains. This presentation is a reflection of a book chapter in a new Taylor & Francis Group book-in-progress, ‘Good Work Design: Conceptualisation and Practice for Sustainable Futures,’ co-edited by Elise Crawford (PhD) and Sara Pazell, PhD, CPE, part of the Workplace Insights Series, series co-editors Nektarios Karanikas and Sara Pazell, PhD, CPE – Full citations will be included in this chapter (because many of my colleagues may recognise my reflections on their publications in this presentation 🙂 ).

Get ready for HFESA 2024 National Conference in Brisbane, 25 – 27 November – coming soon!