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The 3M’s: meaningful manageable manual tasks – managing the risks of musculoskeletal disorders

In this presentation, Dr Pazell used narrative storytelling to explain the work realities of threefictional, but relatable characters from different industry segments. Their experiences inform therecommendations to manage their risks of musculoskeletal disorders that impact on otherhazard exposures, business objectives and values. The presentation explained the 3M’s: the Meaning of the worker experiences, how to … Read more

CIEHF webinar on Good Work Design

Hosted by Tina WorthyGuests Dr Elise Crawford and Dr Sara Pazell In this webinar, we explore how to employ the discipline of design to create good work. Good Work occurs by design – a systematic approach to enquire, engage and connect with people to understand what they do, how they do it, what resources are … Read more

Work for Humans Podcast: Human Factors and Ergonomics

Hosted by Dart Lindsley,Guest Dr Sara Pazell In every manmade job, place, and activity, design plays a pivotal role in shaping our experiences. Sadly, many designs miss the mark by neglecting the profound psychosocial impact they wield. This is where Dr. Sara Pazell steps in. As a dynamic design strategist, she empowers companies across industries … Read more

HFESA podcast on Good Work Design

Hosted by Sharon ToddGuest Dr Sara Pazell  Sharon Todd  a CPE and the current president of the HFESA,  chats to Sara Pazell BAppSci(OT), MBA, PhD, and CPE,, university lecturer and  HFE design consultant about good work design. Sara provides an introduction to the work of HFE professionals, and discusses ‘how and why’  we design for … Read more

Working for a better tomorrow

Advances in technology, the Covid-19 pandemic and globalisation are all playing a part in transforming the world of worlk today and in the future. Elise Crawford, Sara Pazell and Neldarios Karanikas explain the theory of Good Work Design and why it could be the key to boosting wellbeing and productivity. The ongoing globalisation of economies … Read more

People and performance: When the whole is more than a sum of its parts

Image credit: Freepik When things seem messy, as they do when managing the complexity of people and performance, I often look at the fragmented parts and ask, “Are we asking the right questions?”, and “Can our world view be aided by a different lens?”[1] Health and safety initiatives have been frenzied with excitement because of … Read more

What kind of designer are you?

What happens when you explore general internet-accessible definitions of a designer? You find many terms to describe the varied scopes of work and design approaches (‘… plans the look or workings of something’). In contrast, what happens when you search for the term in WHS legislation and regulations? Who is a designer?Refer to s.295 of … Read more

Ergonomics Insights

What a thrill to announce the release of the Ergonomics Insights book, the second publication in the Workplace Insights series. The series tells of real-world health, safety, wellbeing, and human performance cases in the workplace.[1] I was privileged to work with co-editor, Nektarios Karanikas, and all contributing authors: We were humbled to receive their trust … Read more

Occupational Psychosocial Health Risk Assessment

Occupational psychosocial health risk assessment tools: Where do we look for the most meaningful, useful, and manageable guidance material? In the universe of work design,[i] it is important to empathise with those for whom design is intended. For workers, are they invited to participate in work that is constructive to their health? For employers, are … Read more

ViOFFICE: Neurodiversity in Workspace Design

A business in the finance sector was designing a new, efficient way of working. They envisioned providing customer service in new space requiring less of a real estate footprint than the previous commercial properties. Discovery Part 1: A human factors workshop was facilitated to consider the design objectives, the customer journey, and the worker job, … Read more