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From relationships to robots: The value & vitality of human factors in design in a changing world of work

~ HFESA 2023 National Conference, Adelaide, SA Missed the conference? Follow the link to hear a presentation by Sara Pazell, PhD, CPE in honour of the Ron Cummings Memorial Lecture Award 2023. If you wish to learn more about the stewardship of design at work, the idea as work as a design medium, three pillars of work … Read more

ViLEARN: Undergraduate Curriculum Design

Co-teaching a university second-year undergraduate occupational therapy (OT) course led to the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of teaching and learning methods. This was an interesting course in which OT students could learn about psychometric tools for standardised assessment, act in the role of a client with a disability, and, conversely, act as a … Read more

ViWORK: Bitumen Heat-In Transit Trailer Design

The Electric Heat-In-Transit Tanker (bitumen trailer) revolutionised the design of bituminous tankers. The new tanker improves efficiency in transit, reduces risk for exposure to hot bituminous product and potentially explosive stored product, improves access for operation, reduces onroad travel time and subsequent fatigue, and challenged regulators to redefine safe transit requirements. Design Product Design tools … Read more

ViBODY: Diesel Bath Bucket Design

Before The diesel bath bucket is used in roadworks to contain diesel so that workers may dip long-handled tools, such as a shovel or rake, in the diesel bath to clean asphalt debris. Crew members complained that the overall weight of the bath bucket, along with the awkwardness of two-person assist to transport it on … Read more

ViBODY: Removal of Asphalt Paver Tyre

Before Removal of Asphalt Paver tyres are conducted up to 4 times per month, as per preventative maintenance schedules. Task requires two persons to manoeuver the tyre (approx. 200kg w/o water and 400kg w/ water) to allow the forklift to lift and transport the tyre. Removal: 45min to 60min per tyre. Working with restricted access … Read more

ViBODY: Sweeping Asphalt Production Plant

Case studies

Before Plant operators used long-handed standard brooms to sweep fine dust into loads shovelled into wheelbarrows and then to bins. Task performed mostly at end of shift: requiring 4 ½ hrs/shift or 90min each for 3 workers. Shifts frequently extended to 13 – 14hrs late evening. Repetition, duration, and fatigue were of concern, as well … Read more

ViBODY: Laying BiTac Tape

Case studies

Before BiTac multi-laminate tape is used across structural joins in the asphalt mat, laid over many kilometres (e.g. Cooroy/Bielby project required 64km of tape). Each 36m long roll weighs 11.5kg (note: 64km = 1700+ rolls). A minimum 2-person task with one worker holding the roll and walking backwards in an awkward crouched posture. The other … Read more

ViMIND: Indoor Environmental Quality and Sensory Processing

Case studies

A referral request was received owing to complaint of office noise following a worker complaint of distractions in an open-plan office environment. Upon further investigation, the ergonomist advised an assessment of the individual and their sensory processing profile combined with gross environmental screening of noise, examination of other sensory stimuli within the work environment, productivity … Read more

ViBODY: Bus Seat Installation

Project: Manual handling during installation of the ISRI 6860 bus seat Installation of a newly procured driver seat ISRI 6860 into new and refurbished buses. Installation requires two people to lift the bus seat onto brackets in the cab, which is a small confined area. Basic procedure that takes approximately 20 – 30mins: Remove bus … Read more

ViOFFICE: Home Office Ergonomics

Discovery A team leader from central support services of a government organisation was required to work from home in response to an organisational approach to protect workers per pandemic management procedures. Aside from these protections, the workplace issued laptops and monitor stands with a small external keyboard to support their workforce. This team leader reported … Read more