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The Global Concept of Good Work Design

How Good Work can be Driven Good work design is a global concept because it relates to human rights initiatives to ensure healthful and well living. This includes the ability to be productive in meaningful ways while creating a positive impact in the world. There are international standards supporting the initiatives of good work design, … Read more

Work-from-anywhere: When the office is a moving target (distributed workforce management)

Distributed workforce management is not new, but the epic change of work design during pandemic management is a confronting yet opportunity-laden experience for most organisational strategists. How can we turn the experience of work-from-anywhere into a rewarding and productive situation while at the same time manage the health, safety, financial, and legal risks? We can … Read more

Good Work Design: A Conceptual Framework

It’s in the DNA of the Human-Centred Organisation Good work design, underpinned by human-centred design, human factors, and ergonomics, is a concept that is emerging in Australian workplaces and supported by literature,[i] guidance material,[ii] and international standards.[iii], [iv] It can be defined as: The process of identifying opportunities and problems through inquiry and bringing people … Read more

Good Work Design

Good work requires conditions in which creativity may flourish and innovation is encouraged. A tolerance for experimentation is required because novel ideas need to be tested. For ideas to flow, those who submit the ideas must feel protected and, thus, permitted to stumble before they walk or fly. The approach is one of positive psychology … Read more

Good Work Design: The Positive Psychology Required for Innovation

Good Work Design

It was my great pleasure to facilitate a roundtable discussion at the 8th Annual OHS Leaders Summit, 13/14 March 2019, Brisbane, QLD, with my colleague Molly Farmer, representing Humanscale. We presented Good Work Design: Design of Work for Well-Being. We discussed the types of work that can be provided to support wellness, well-being, and wholeness. We discussed … Read more

‘Just Culture’: A critical component of good work design


Design practice involves taking risks[i], [ii]. Like the exposure of one’s soft underbelly, the disclosure of a new idea means allowing for vulnerability. An idea may be discarded by a manager, shot down by our peers, or, if trialled, the outcomes may not achieve what was intended! This is iterative design practice: design goes back … Read more